Posted: April 28, 2015 in Musics
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The Scottish band formed by the Reid brothers in the 80’s are a tough one.

Mixing introspective, chaotic, drugged, nihilistic lyrics with noise guitars, Jim Reid (the singer brother) said once that the band was influenced by the bad music from the 80’s…once it was just crap music running on the radios, he and his brother (William) decided to start a band. The result: The Jesus And Mary Chain

-cut dead your messed up boy- ❤


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Last year, I finally could see them live. Probably that performance was far from one of the best J&MC’s concerts, with a lot of sound return problems annoying Jim, besides some interruptions to little fight/chats with William, but magic also happens: At the first chords of “Happy When It Rains”, started to rain!!!

It will be always a beautiful memory for me. You can see the entire concert here:

And, if you want to really know the subversive of J&MC, I recomend you to listen at least the first 3 records:
– Psychocandy;
– Darklands;
– Barbed Wire Kisses.


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