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[aeromovie_1] Luceni Hellebrandt (2014)


[Routine] Julien Douvier (2013)

Alan Watts on Death, animated short film

[Play for Today morningselfie] Luceni Hellebrandt (2015)

reflex - self portrait

[reflex – self portrait] Luceni Hellebrandt (2015)

I love Bauhaus movement and I am aesthetically influenced for they thought.

If you also love, or if you don’t have idea what I am talking about, take a look on their very informative website. A lot of references and also links to their social networks:

Bauhaus Movement

…or you can go directly to know about Bauhaus Movement in your prefered social network:


at the wall of my room:



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April Skies

balcony & sky

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Luceni Hellebrandt (2015)

Black & White Lines in the cities around the world – this is what my eyes can see, and my camera can catch!

bauhaus - archiv - Berlin / D

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Luceni Hellebrandt (2013 – …)